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July 30, 2015

Boy, how my life has changed since the nice people at Perfect Match saved me from MAS back in June. I've been getting great food and lots of love. The sores on my ears (from fly-bites) are all healed up and my hair is growing back in. I look VERY handsome, if I do say so myself! This nice lady Dana is helping me get treatments to get rid of these pesky heartworms. I love to ride in the car with her. She drives around and I give her sweet kisses on the face. Hee hee! I'm feeling pretty good after my treatment too. Dana keeps telling me that after my heartworms are gone, PMAR is going to find an awesome family for me. S...

July 30, 2015

WHEW! It's HOT out there! PMAR alum "HUNTER" sure knows how to beat the heat! Hunter was adopted in November last year and - with 5 human siblings - he's been keeping busy and having loads of fun! Hunter's family definitely has the right idea with the pool. In this heat, it's important to limit your dog's time outside, and provide them with cool water to keep their body temp down. Thanks for the Pup-Date, Hunter! It's great to see PMAR dogs enjoying the summer!


July 28, 2015

As a tiny homeless puppy, CeCe (formerly Missy) was bottle-fed by one of our dedicated puppy fosters in Tennesee. Once she was old enough, strong enough and healthy enough, she travelled to a foster home in New Hampshire. A family friend saw Missy and instantly fell in love. They named her CeCe, and she's been enjoying the good life ever since. Here she is now, vacationing with her family in Maine. Lookin' Good, CeCe! It warms our hearts to see our rescued pups become such cherished members of their families.




July 26, 2015

Our jaws dropped when Ruby's mom, Kristen, sent this photo to us earlier today. Ruby was such a cute, 2-month-old puppy when Perfect Match pulled her from the high-kill Memphis shelter back in July 2014. But... look how *STUNNING* she is now! She was adopted in August of last year, and has been living the good life in Rhode Island ever since. Her mom reports that she loves playing fetch with her favorite green bone and getting belly rubs every chance she can get! Thanks for the Pup-Date, Ruby! We love hearing from our adopted dogs and seeing how happy their lives are now.






July 25, 2015

One thing is for sure, ZSABO LOVES LIFE! From the moment he was sprung from Doggie Jail (Memphis Animal Services), to when he was adopted on Valentine's Day 2014, through today and beyond - he is living life to the fullest and enjoying every single moment. Here are a few recent photos taken while on adventures with his loving parents Melissa and Peter.

This my friends, is what life & love are all about. Thank you, to all those who open their hearts and homes to these precious dogs & cats, and give them the life they deserve.




July 24, 2015

We've all been mesmerized by the adorable Beagle puppies these past few months, haven't we? Well, this lovely lady is their momma, Penelope. She was a fantastic mother to the puppies - feeding them, loving them and making sure they felt safe. Now that the pups have headed north, our focus is on getting Penelope heartworm-free and ready for adoption. She has begun her treatment and is being spoiled by one of our most experienced foster families. Here she is, enjoying the sunshine with her BFF Sweet Kalli. Everyone wish her a speedy recovery! 
Would you like to donate toward Penelope's heartworm treatment? Every dollar...

July 18, 2015

Remember Noah, who came to us in Oct 2014? He was covered in fleas, all his hair was missing and his skin was raw. He would barely lift his head and he was on the verge of giving up. But, because of the compassion & dedication of his foster families, this dog's unsinkable spirit came shining through. He was adopted by the most loving family, who just sent us this update:

"We are all doing great and so glad we were picked as Noah's forever family. Noah is doing fantastic. He's got his full regular coat. He still has spots where hair hadn't grown, but handsome as ever. He's up to 65lbs and has just filled out I don't th...

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