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August 30, 2015


Champ has left the building!  On Friday, we announced that this boy was now safe as a PMAR Dog. Today, he got his Freedom Ride. This is one happy dude for sure! He was an owner-surrender and completely confused in the shelter environment. Special thanks to Barbara, one of PMAR's terrific volunteers, for picking him up and offering to foster him.  Champ already has a northern foster home lined up, and will be staying with Barbara until he is able to travel in a couple weeks. Congrats, Champ! PS - We hear Barbara is quite a cook - so it's going to be gourmet treats for this lucky boy tonight!





August 30, 2015

Hope, now Molly, is doing GREAT in her new home. Here's the latest from Molly's mom:

"Hope (now Molly) has been doing so well! She sleeps in bed with us, loves going to the dog park, and giving everyone lots of kisses! She's a charmer, that's for sure. We're so happy she's part of our family!"

We're happy for you too, Molly! Thank you to all the families who choose adoption and to all the volunteers who make these happily-ever-afters possible. Happy Forever, Molly!







August 29, 2015

Look who's all comfy in her new home! What a life! Great to see you enjoying your new home, Clara. Thanks for the photo!





August 29, 2015

Betsy, now named Artemis, was adopted from Perfect Match earlier this year, and is thriving in her new home! Look at these fantastic photos of her now - just gorgeous! Here's the latest report from her Mom:


"I just wanted to give you an update on a dog named Betsy (now Artemis) that I adopted from your organization in May. She is doing well and loves playing with our German Shepherd puppy. Today, she graduated from basic obedience class."


Sounds like you're one smart cookie & having a great time in your new home, Artemis! We couldn't be happier for you. Thanks for keeping in touch!





August 28, 2015

How much of a difference can I possibly make? 
Can fostering one dog really help that much?
YES!!! To that one homeless, unloved dog, you will make a WORLD of difference. Take a good look at these photos of Carly. 
*THIS* is what fostering is. 
*THIS* is what fostering does.
Look into her eyes, and look into your heart. Do you have room to help just one? Contact Perfect Match today, and we'll introduce you to the wonderful world of fostering.
E-mail us at:









August 26, 2015

You may recall Rudy (formerly Roscoe), a dog we rescued from Tipton County late last year. He had spent most of his young life living on the end of a tie-out and he was fostered by Nicole D. for several weeks before heading north to Jeneen and ultimately a WONDERFUL forever home. We received this wonderful update from Rudy’s family today, who also wanted to send a donation – how wonderful! “Rudy is the most amazing little boy and our family loves this dog more than words could express. He is so smart, gentle, loving and just an all around perfect little guy. He is such a happy dog and gets along with everyone and any...

August 25, 2015

I know many of you are at work on this Tuesday afternoon, a little bored, and sitting there thinking: "Gee, I wonder what that Carly girl has been up to?" Well, funny you should ask! I've been really enjoying the company of the other dogs here in my foster home, especially Pedro. He likes me a lot & even lets me share his special blanket with him. I also am secretly obsessed with my foster mommy. See, when she's not looking, I sneak into her room and make off with something of hers. Then, I tip-toe back to my crate, and hide my stash there. Sometimes it's a pair of jeans, sometimes it's a shoe. Sometimes it's a whole...

August 23, 2015

Guess who just finished his heartworm treatment and gets to stay in a cool foster home?? THIS DUDE! I'm done with my medicine and those pesky heartworms are gone. I'm now relaxing in a great foster home in TN, roaming the yard with the resident dog Rucker, and getting some kisses from the other foster dog here, Nalla. (Have you seen her??? Wowza!) This is fantastic! In a few short weeks I'll be travelling north - so LOOK OUT NEW ENGLAND! There's an affectionate, happy-go-lucky white Shepherd heading your way soon. I know there's gotta be a great family up there looking for an awesome doggie like me. Can you share my p...

August 21, 2015

Today is a big day for a very special dog! You see, Victoria Hope (aka Torie) heads north with Jason and Amanda from Hearts, LCC to her loving, forever family. That may not be anything out of the “norm” for a PMAR dog. However, not only has Torie has waited almost a year for the perfect family, she also had a very bumpy start in life. You see, we rescued Torie’s puppies in October 2014 from MAS. Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t want to release Torie with them. She was scared, she had scars and bites on her head. She had it rough. The pups needed their mom and Torie needed them. So, we put up a big fight to get her ou...

August 18, 2015

Everyone remembers Helen, the beautiful blind & deaf girl rescued by PMAR last year and adopted by an adoring family. She has been thriving in her Forever Home ever since. This week, she is visiting with one of our foster families, while her human family enjoys some vacation time. This is a photo of Helen playing "office assistant" to one of PMAR's volunteers. She is fluffy and soft and has put on a little weight, which is wonderful. "PUPdates" like this melt our hearts!


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