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September 29, 2015

September 27, 2015

Thanks to everyone who volunteered today and came to visit us at Colonial Park UMC's Fall Festival! The kitties and furbabies enjoyed being loved on and we were able to connect with several people in the community who needed assistance with having their pets spayed and neutered!








September 26, 2015

Who remembers Pippa and Penelope? Rescued from MAS in 2014 - they were one of our earliest adoptions through our New England program and Lacey's first foster for PMAR. Penelope is now Reese (black and white dog) and Pippa is still Pippa (brown dog pictured at beach)! It's amazing that a year and a half later these families still check in with us and let us know how well they are doing.





September 21, 2015

Hooray! Colby found his forever family today, and they are wonderful. His new sister was singing "I have the best dog in the whole world!"...and she really does. This boy is a gem, and he just found himself a family worthy of a dog as special as he is! Congrats, Colby! Remember to stay in touch & send us photos of your Fall & Winter activities!




September 21, 2015

Here at PMAR, we love all animals. But the Seniors truly capture our hearts. Look at all the happy, silver-muzzled canines in this photo! Two of them are PMAR alums, Sweetie and Kadie who were adopted by two different members of the same family. We wish there was a "LOVE" button for this post!



September 21, 2015

One Year Ago Today... Ivy (now Maelie Girl) met her new forever family. There have been lots of adventures & good times ever since! Here is today's update from Maelie Girl's family:


"Happy First Adopt-a-versary to our Maelie Girl Doggy Dog (formerly Ivy). Over the last year you have posed pretty as a puppy, waited patiently to pick up your kids, gave them hugs, took Daddy's side of the bed until the coffee was made, shopped for your favorite biscuits, stopped to smell the sunflowers, taken time from your favorite toy so Mommy could snap a picture, and brought countless moments of joy to your family (even the cat). Lov...

September 21, 2015

Baxter, Blanco, Gigi and Louie all arrived in New England yesterday afternoon, and spent their first night with their new families! We're sure there were a million kisses and snuggles and giggles in those homes last night. Today is the first day of your wonderfully happy lives, little ones! Thanks again to Lynne for taking such excellent care of these babies and getting them into their dream homes. Thanks to HEARTS, LLC for always ensuring the safety and security of our precious animals.







September 17, 2015

Dogs that are brought into our homes as fosters are sometimes lost, in every sense of the word. Everything is new - the people, the food, the routine, the scent. Some have rarely, if ever, been allowed to put their paws inside of a house. They do not know how to trust, or how to give and receive affection. They do not understand that their next meal is Guaranteed. We humans try our very best - we give them space and time. We are gentle, understanding the need to take things slowly. However, we are often surprised to find that our foster dogs' biggest advances have little to do with us. Many times, it is our resident d...

September 17, 2015

Oscar has settled into his new home wonderfully and is especially enjoying this cooler weather in his beautiful yard with his awesome new fence! His mom has been taking him on lots of adventures, and he snuggles her closely each night. What a special bond they have already! This is the life we wish for all our rescued dogs & cats - to be a deeply loved and appreciated member of the family. And it turns out that Oscar's fabulous good looks come from a whole mix of wonderful breeds! Here's the report from Oscar's mom:

"It's been four weeks today that this handsome guy came into my life and he's already stolen my heart. T...

September 13, 2015

Lottie is playing the role of Look-Out for foster mom Kerri, while Colby hangs out safely on the floor! They are settling in well and catching up on some sleep after their long trip north. Champ had quite a busy day with new foster Mike. They went to a soccer game, a football game, and Champ even got a bath! No wonder he was pooped by the end of the day! We know these cute pups will find their perfect families in no time!




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