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November 30, 2015

We haven't been able to confirm this, but it appears that Apollo *may* have had a bit too much turkey on Thanksgiving and he needed to stretch this belly on the lap of an unsuspecting family member! grin emoticon Just kidding, his foster family ADORES him! Apollo is about 10 months old, and is a gorgeous Lab/Hound mix searching for an active, loving family to call his own. Let's admit it, this boy's a head-turner! So, if you're looking for a ruggedly handsome dude to join you on jogs during the week and hikes on the weekends - and keep your feet warm on these cold Winter nights - Apollo is your guy! Apollo currently r...

November 29, 2015

Betsy, the gorgeous white girl with speckled ears (Available for Adoption!, visit her Petfinder page here: and Genevieve, the black dog with equally fantastic ears (formerly Daisy, recently adopted) and Sensational Chocolate Sadie (resident doggie, and PMAR alum) enjoyed some fun at the beach this Thanksgiving weekend. What a wonderful variety of dogs we have the pleasure of rescuing! Betsy is still searching for her forever family. (See her looking out the window for them in the first photo?) Email us at for more info about this delightful littl...

November 25, 2015

Our sweet little Daisy had a successful meet and greet, and yesterday she went home with her new family! We are so happy for Daisy!! Thank you Julie and Emmett for giving her your hearts and opening your home. She is a lucky doggie!

Thank you, once again, to the wonderful Renee and Scott for fostering this adorable girl and getting her into the loving arms of her new family.

Daisy's family also sent us this second photo last night, along with a beautiful note: "A month of gratitude... Tonight we are grateful to Renee and Scott - and Perfect Match Animal Rescue! - for the gift of this new friendship!"

Happy Life, sweet Da...

November 23, 2015

We just received this awesome photo from Bella's family. She is making herself right at home and is quite spoiled, as she deserves to be! Her new name, Shea, is very appropriate too, since her family is NY Mets fans! Congrats, Shea!




November 21, 2015

Ahhhh, the loyalty of a dog! 
Here is Betsy, watching out the window with eager anticipation as her foster dad made his way toward the house yesterday evening. Wouldn't you love this 30lb sweetheart to greet you at the door after a long day? Do you have a little room in your heart and your home for Betsy? She'll love you forever & ever!

Read all about her here:

Then fill out an adoption application here:




November 21, 2015

We sure do love to receive updates from our adopted pups! We're delighted that Zuri (formerly Gracie) is thriving in her forever home. Congrats on your certificate, Zuri! We know you have a very bright future ahead of you.

"I just thought I'd send you an update on Zuri, formerly Gracie who I adopted from you in July. She is quite the energetic girl. She has a super high toy/ball drive and just loves to play. She just graduated basic obedience class and has just started intermediate class. She is quite the athlete and foresee agility in her future smile emoticon She's stubborn and relentless and when she wants to play b...

November 20, 2015

By Lorie Huston, DVM
Courtesy of

A senior dog has different health requirements than a younger dog. Here are some tips to help you keep your senior pet healthy.

Make sure your senior dog has regular visits with your veterinarian. In fact, many veterinarians recommend that senior dogs should be examined twice a year, even more so if the dog has serious health issues. A thorough physical examination by your veterinarian may reveal health issues that can impact your pet’s life and comfort level, such as dental disease, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and more.

2. NOTE...

November 14, 2015

Yet another Happily Ever After...Beautiful Zoey is getting the royal treatment as well, with new clothes, bath time and lots of snuggles and getting spoiled. What gorgeous, shiny fur! Her favorite past time is the Zoomies she runs all over the house, launching off of furniture and her daddy Brian.









November 14, 2015

We thought we would bring you an uplifting story and some happy photos for your Saturday morning. Here are Brady & Sophie (formerly Toby & Faith) on a recent photo shoot with their adoring family. Happy endings like these warm our hearts!










November 13, 2015

Hello there, ever-body! I'm Betsy and I'm super excited to be in my new foster home here in Norfolk, MA. I especially loved the car ride to get here. My foster mommy sang to me the whole way, so I wouldn't be scared. I LOVED IT! (Can you tell by the giant smile on my face?) I'm settling in pretty good and got to take a snooze on the sofa and relax a bit. I'm available for Meet & Greets in Norfolk, MA and the surrounding areas. Please share if you know anyone lookin' for a sweet young girl to add some sparkle to their life! You can read more about me on my Petfinder page:


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