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August 3, 2016

Pippa was one of the very first dogs that PMAR adopted in our New England program back in 2013! Her family still stays in touch and sends regular updates and we received this one today. That’s one of the most wonderful things about our little rescue that we love. We hear back from so many families and it’s amazing to see the difference that these dogs make in the lives of others and how much of an impact the act of fostering a dog makes! Our fosters save a life and those dogs go on to impact the lives of others in so many positive ways! Rescue is hard, the out comes are not ALWAYS perfect or the way we hoped – but in...

May 15, 2016

Sandy (formerly Squirt) is doing great in her new home! We got this update yesterday "Sandys second week is going great!
She hasn't had an accident in the house all week. And she pretty much almost completely gets the concept of going to the bathroom outside. As you can see, she's a big fan of naps!" It's obvious to us that Sandy is very cozy, happy and loved! Happy days!



May 7, 2016

Elvis's first week in New Hampshire. We are so happy and proud for this little guy! Kudos to foster mom Laurie for what a well adjusted and socialized pup he has become after a rocky start in life!



May 6, 2016

Little Zuri (formerly Gracie, fostered by Teresa Barton) also just celebrated her 1st birthday! Her family contacted us today to let us know she has now made it all the way through to advanced obedience classes and will be starting agility training soon! “She's super smart and the fastest learner, never tires from wanting to place fetch or learn new tricks. She loves playing with her favorite toy goose and shaking it like crazy, and playing with her brother, Rocco, our Yorkie. She is such a joy to have around. We also did genetic testing on her and she came back as a Papillon, Chow mix with a little Cocker Spaniel and...

March 28, 2016

We received a great update on one of our long time fosters, Stella this weekend! How sweet is this! "Stella has settled in here very nicely, almost seems like she has always been here. She had her first vet visit last week & was reported to be in perfect health. We are early to rise, so, she has breakfast @ 6am & dinner @ 5pm. We normally go to bed 8-9 pm, she goes right to her bed & stays all night, she’s such an angel. She loves being outside & almost climbs trees in pursuit of the local squirrel population, she also must be part mountain goat, as she loves climbing all over the wood pile (she’s very sure footed). A...

March 22, 2016

Fitz, formerly Oliver - 5 months later, is settling in wonderfully with his new family! We love getting these updates on our PMAR alumni.





March 22, 2016

Lindy's new family posted this wonderful picture letting us know that she and her new brother Beau have quickly become best buddies! Heartwarming to see.



March 13, 2016

Lindy has arrived in New England! She is already having a ball and as you can see she's very happy. Thank you so much to her new family for seeing what a wonderful dog she is! A true fairytale ending.




February 17, 2016

Cooper (Cupid) and his brother Tucker have bonded amazingly! We couldn't have wished for a better home for this little one - thank you Sam!



February 7, 2016

Miss Pippa... Memphis is a dim and distant memory as she frolics in the snow and enjoys her life in New England. What a fairytale ending for her!



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