Perfect Match Animal Rescue (formerly known as Purrfect Match) was founded by Jill Thorsen several years ago and initially functioned as a cat rescue.  Jill was introduced to Lesley Takao in early 2012 and they began to work together on many rescue efforts. They formed a great relationship, each focusing on their areas of strength and interest. Lesley officially began the PMAR dog rescue program in July 2013.   Jill works closely with Paws & Claws Photography for the Tipton County Animal Shelter, fundraising for them, and many other local area rescues. She remains a strong advocate for animals in the mid-south area.  Lesley's focus is on helping "good samaritans" in the community who reach out to rescues for help when they find dogs in stray/abandoned situations, and dogs in imminent danger of being euthanized at Memphis Animal Services and several other area shelters.


Our rescued animals only ask for a chance to show how much value they can add to a person’s life. Their absolute loyalty and love truly impacts our lives every day. Perfect Match Animal Rescue believes that once a person finds that “Perfect Match” with an animal, the chemistry created makes both the person and the animal more complete.   A lifelong bond is created. Everyone at Perfect Match Animal Rescue works together for the dogs and cats they save.


While some of our adoptable dogs & cats find permanent homes in the mid-south region, a large number are transported to foster and forever homes in the Northeast and New England states. We have built strong relationships with responsible transport companies, such as Alpha Dog Transport and Hearts LLC, who carefully move our dogs north.


There is nothing more fulfilling to everyone at Perfect Match Animal Rescue then when we see another pet walk away ready and eager to start a new chapter of its life with a loving and caring person!