• Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services is a non-profit clinic dedicated to reducing pet over population by offering affordable spay/neuter services. They are located at 854 Goodman St., Memphis and you can contact them at 901-324-3202 for an appointment.  They often have grants to make the cost even cheaper!  Find them on Facebook at

  • The Humane Society of Memphis has several programs to assist with spay/neuter and vaccinations. Review the options at their website -



    Shelby Farm - The Outback  (Off Leash Dog area) -
    Overton Bark
    Memphis Dog Park


  • Many pet owners, at one point or another, are faced with unexpected veterinary bills. Veterinary medicine has progressed so far that now pet owners have new, and often expensive, options for the care of their ailing pets. Although the cost of veterinary care is actually very reasonable in comparison with the much higher cost of human health care, an unexpected medical emergency can present a major financial dilemma for an unprepared pet owner.

  • If, despite your planning, your pet incurs major veterinary expenses that you have trouble affording, consider these suggestions:

  • Ask your veterinarian if he or she will let you work out a payment plan. Many veterinarians are willing to work out a weekly or monthly payment plan so that you do not have to pay the entire cost of veterinary care up front. 

  • Consider a "Go Fund Me".  You will find that often people want to help in genuine emergencies

  • Use your credit card. Ask for a higher credit limit or a cash advance. 

  • Consider borrowing from your life insurance policy or retirement program. 

  • Ask your employer for a salary advance. 

  • Alert family and friends and ask them each for a $25 loan. 

  • Pawn your stuff. TVs and VCRs can be replaced. Your pet can't. 

  • Consider taking on a part-time job. 

  • Please remember that, depending on the severity of your pet's illness or injury, you may still lose your pet even after great expense. Discuss the prognosis and treatment options thoroughly with your veterinarian, including whether surgery or treatment would just cause your animal discomfort without preserving a life of good quality.

  • Also remember that a little preventive care can go a long way. Having your pet spayed or neutered, keeping her shots up to date, and keeping your pet safely confined can prevent serious and costly health problems.