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Hello, peeps! Two exciting things happened to me this week. First, I went to the vegetarian's office to have pictures taken of my leg. (Well, I was less than thrilled about that part. I thought we were there to get vegetables....) But the exciting part is that the Doggie Doctor said my bum leg was healed up really good, and I was "cleared for adoption." So, if there are any families out there that were waiting to adopt me - I'M READY! The second great thing is that I learned to play fetch. I've been watching the resident dog here for awhile, and he seemed to be having loads of fun chasing that orange ball. So I finally decided to try it for myself. Boy-oh-Boy! I love chasing that thing. I haven't quite learned to drop it back at Foster Mom's feet yet. But I don't make her chase me for it either. I just lay down with it & let her take it from me so she can throw it again. Life is great. The only piece that's missing is a home of my very own. Can you SHARE my video? Maybe there's a family out there that likes to throw orange balls, and we could have a lot of fun together. Thanks! Luv, Smiley Riley

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