GiGi the "Breeder" Dog

UPDATE 8/13/15 4:52PM

We received a phone call within the last hour with an update on GiGi. As you can probably guess, there was only one reason to receive “the call” this early into the surgery. Little GiGi had started receiving her IV fluids and antibiotics, and had been taken into surgery. The infection that was raging in her body was located in her uterus and it must come out if she had any hope. Her frail body was just too weak and GiGi has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are breaking, but she is no longer in pain and at the end – she was in the hands of a skilled veterinarian and did not suffer. In her 4 years on this earth she may have been unloved, uncared for, her only life experience producing puppies to be sold, over and over again. But in these last 24 hours she received more love than she had ever known and we thank and appreciate Karen for giving her that gift. Lap time in a home, being petted and talked to lovingly, so many people across the country praying for her, caring about a precious little 8 lb dog’s life. Thank you all who supported GiGi and have supported us in the past. Thank you again, and again. We will be giving GiGi some dignity in her death with a ceremony Sunday as she is cremated at Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery in Millington. If you donated, you will already have received a message from us regarding a refund for your donation. However, if you would like your donation to stand, we will of course use it to rescue other dogs in GiGi’s name. We are determined her life, and death, will not be in vain. If there was ever a day to get out the message – it’s today. There is no need for this endless, inhumane breeding.


Friends, we are asking for your help to perform emergency surgery and give GiGi the gift of life. A life that she has clearly never known, until she was rescued from Memphis Animal Services yesterday afternoon. MAS estimated her at 11 years old. Our vet has estimated her at 4 years old. She has been overbred and appears to be a puppy mill dog. She is skinny, frail and has been diagnosed with pyometra, which has gone untreated and resulted in a blood disorder. Her only chance of survival is an emergency spay with IV fluids and antibiotics. We have already run blood tests to confirm the extent of the issue in order to make an informed decision. She is dangerously anemic and her white count is 105,000 when it should be 50, indicating a raging infection (which we suspected). However, her organ function is still good which was the reason for the blood test. She will receive IV fluids and antibiotics with surgery this afternoon. We expect her to make it through surgery; the dangerous part will be recovery. She does still have some spunk, though, so we are hopeful. If she makes it through this surgery, she will be able to have a quality of life, and learn what it's like to be loved, and not used as nothing more than a "resource" to make a greedy breeder lots of money.

In a nutshell, our doctor has agreed to do this surgery at a highly discounted cost and we are asking for your help to cover the cost of that surgery and the associated blood work. Please, help us to help GiGi!

#AdoptDontShop #SayNoToPuppyMills #Spay #Neuter

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