Freedom Rides!

COLBY, STELLA & CHARLOTTE Last week, PMAR offered to help facilitate the rescue of a few puppies that were going to the Nashville Humane Society. The day after pulling the puppies, we all found out that the Mom, Dad and another older pup were at Memphis Animal Services as well. Of course, PMAR & Nashville Humane Society would never pull puppies and leave the parents behind! We immediately got to work and - after a million text messages and hours of coordination - we are ECSTATIC to announce that the 3 remaining members of this family are now PMAR DOGS! Again, our amazing team of volunteers is what allows us to save the lives of these dogs. Thank You to Nichole, for again dropping everything and getting to MAS in the nick of time! Thank You to Jo and to Karen for opening your homes once again, and fostering these precious new dogs. We will have more photos & updates as the doggies get settled.

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