Torie's Big Day

Today is a big day for a very special dog! You see, Victoria Hope (aka Torie) heads north with Jason and Amanda from Hearts, LCC to her loving, forever family. That may not be anything out of the “norm” for a PMAR dog. However, not only has Torie has waited almost a year for the perfect family, she also had a very bumpy start in life. You see, we rescued Torie’s puppies in October 2014 from MAS. Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t want to release Torie with them. She was scared, she had scars and bites on her head. She had it rough. The pups needed their mom and Torie needed them. So, we put up a big fight to get her out of there and after the intervention of a city official, Torie was finally allowed to leave! Some of the pictures included here are of the reunion with her puppies. Of course, they have all gone on to be adopted and are doing great.

Time went by and Torie has seen several fosters come and go, but we we were holding out for that perfect situation for her and it didn’t come as each month went by. That changed in August of this year and Torie is going to live with a family where someone will be home all day, there are grandchildren to play with (she’s FABULOUS with kids) and she will be a spoiled “only child”. Her family have already been sending her foster mom pictures of her “Welcome Home” signs!

Speaking of her foster mom. Well, what can we say. Jo has helped so many dogs and is one of those people that just does good things quietly (for people, animals, anyone that needs it!), never asking or expecting anything in return. People like that are rare to find in this day and age and we value Jo so much. We talked and prayed about her decision to let Torie go. Of course, having Torie stay so long there were thoughts of adoption. But Jo made the selfless decision to let Torie go because she believes this is the best situation for her, and so that she can continue to help other dogs. Jo - we can't thank you enough for being there for Torie and her babies, working through any roadblocks, fostering other dogs in between and everything else you have done for PMAR! You are one of the most kind, loving and selfless folks I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you for all of it! Lots of love from your PMAR family and of course, from Torie – who is alive today because you were there for her!



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