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Guess who just finished his heartworm treatment and gets to stay in a cool foster home?? THIS DUDE! I'm done with my medicine and those pesky heartworms are gone. I'm now relaxing in a great foster home in TN, roaming the yard with the resident dog Rucker, and getting some kisses from the other foster dog here, Nalla. (Have you seen her??? Wowza!) This is fantastic! In a few short weeks I'll be travelling north - so LOOK OUT NEW ENGLAND! There's an affectionate, happy-go-lucky white Shepherd heading your way soon. I know there's gotta be a great family up there looking for an awesome doggie like me. Can you share my pictures with your Yankee friends, so maybe my family can find me faster? Thank you! OK, I gotta roll, Rucker says there's something we need to go investigate in the back yard.

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