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I know many of you are at work on this Tuesday afternoon, a little bored, and sitting there thinking: "Gee, I wonder what that Carly girl has been up to?" Well, funny you should ask! I've been really enjoying the company of the other dogs here in my foster home, especially Pedro. He likes me a lot & even lets me share his special blanket with him. I also am secretly obsessed with my foster mommy. See, when she's not looking, I sneak into her room and make off with something of hers. Then, I tip-toe back to my crate, and hide my stash there. Sometimes it's a pair of jeans, sometimes it's a shoe. Sometimes it's a whole heap of stuff. Foster mommy doesn't get mad though, she just giggles and tells me I'm silly. I'm not trying to be naughty. It's just that Foster Mom makes me feel happy & safe & special - so I like surrounding myself with things that smell like her. This indoor living, with friendly dogs and loving humans, is the best. Some day really soon, I'll be ready for a family of my very own. Then I will be truly "Home."

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