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You may recall Rudy (formerly Roscoe), a dog we rescued from Tipton County late last year. He had spent most of his young life living on the end of a tie-out and he was fostered by Nicole D. for several weeks before heading north to Jeneen and ultimately a WONDERFUL forever home. We received this wonderful update from Rudy’s family today, who also wanted to send a donation – how wonderful! “Rudy is the most amazing little boy and our family loves this dog more than words could express. He is so smart, gentle, loving and just an all around perfect little guy. He is such a happy dog and gets along with everyone and any dog he meets. You would not believe it, but he is totally crate trained and actually loves to just go in there on his own and nap! He adjusted super well to our family and is so calm and affectionate towards everyone. He loves to be everywhere we are. When we are out in the yard Rudy has his own lounge chair that he loves to chill out on and chew on a bone and just take in the fresh air. He will just hang out on it and relax until we are ready to go in. He also loves to play fetch with the tennis ball. He will bring it right back to you every time! He is so smart, and we believe we could probably train him to do anything! He gets along great with his little brother Casper and they love each other. Rudy really is a great dog and we are so thankful for him! We could not ask for a better dog”!

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