Annie is Safe!

Friends, meet Annie! This adorable 10 year sweetheart, possibly both deaf and blind, was nearing the end of her deadline at MAS. One of our wonderful foster moms offered to step up for her, so, our volunteers jumped into action and headed to MAS to find out what was going on! What we know so far – Annie was recently groomed, has been well taken care of and is on the “plump” side. She was picked up as a stray in Memphis. Her eye condition is similar to what we dealt with when we first brought Savannah into PMAR. However, Annie doesn’t appear to have much vision and doesn’t respond to high pitched noises. But she’s perfectly content and is relaxing with Karen, while she waits to go to her foster home with Nicole D. tonight. Meantime, we have ordered the meds that we know she needs and will make the necessary appointments. We’re also scouring the lost and found ads and have contacted a listing on FidoFinder for a family who lost a black cocker on 8/29. So we wait… Meantime, well she needed a name. Our sweet Helen already has the one that may have been most fitting. Then we thought, wait! Annie – her teacher who also had vision limitations and overcame them! So for now, she is Annie. We will continue to look for her family, because we are pretty sure she had one and in the meantime, she will get all the love and medical care that she needs. Thank you once again to Barbara and Karen for dealing with the always present challenges at MAS, and of course to Nicole D. for stepping up to foster, allowing us to save sweet Annie.

#PMARAnnie #SeniorDogsRock

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