Abe is Adopted

Another handsome boy finds his Forever Home today! Abe had a meet & greet this morning and the family fell instantly in love with him. This afternoon, Abe went to his new home to meet the family's other rescue dog, Dottie. The dogs and the family hit it off splendidly, so Abe will be spending the first night of his Happily Ever After in his new home tonight. Abe, like so many rescued animals, needs kindness and patience and a little breathing room in order to adjust to his new surroundings. Look how smart and respectful the children are - allowing Abe to approach them when he is comfortable, and offering treats with an open palm! Well done, kids! We hear he is settling in quite well, and enjoying a special dinner of roasted chicken this evening. Congrats, Abe!

Special Thanks also goes out to all those who helped Abe get the fresh start he so deserves. To all the PMAR volunteers and fosters who cared for him and loved him and taught him that humans can be kind - we applaud your dedication. Abe's New England foster dad, Scott, said it best: "Happy tails, Abe!! Enjoy every wonderful thing that life has to offer. You deserve it!"


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