Gracie PUPdate

We sure do love to receive updates from our adopted pups! We're delighted that Zuri (formerly Gracie) is thriving in her forever home. Congrats on your certificate, Zuri! We know you have a very bright future ahead of you.

"I just thought I'd send you an update on Zuri, formerly Gracie who I adopted from you in July. She is quite the energetic girl. She has a super high toy/ball drive and just loves to play. She just graduated basic obedience class and has just started intermediate class. She is quite the athlete and foresee agility in her future smile emoticon She's stubborn and relentless and when she wants to play but also loves to curl up in your lap and cuddle. She loves to play with her brother Rocco the Yorkie and they are constantly wrestling. Her other brother Jake is a senior citizen so he just ignores her mainly but will occasionally play with her when he's feeling up to it. She has a ways to go with her manners but we're getting there. We also did genetic testing on her as she wasn't looking like an ACD/Border Collie much and much to our surprise she isn't. She came back as a Papillon, Chow mix with a little Cocker Spaniel and an unknown mix thrown in. Once she's a little older she's going to make a great running partner. Thanks so much for letting us give her a home!"


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