How much is that doggie in the window?

How much for the cute puppy, peering out from the pet store cage? My children sure would love a little puppy for Christmas! This one is shiny and bright. This one is pure-bred and has papers, sure to impress! I know there are puppies at the shelter. But it's sad there. And it doesn't smell so nice. I just can't bear to let my children see all those pitiful faces. How will that make them feel?

Meet Bailey, a puppy mill breeding dog. The breeder dropped him off at a kill shelter after he was no longer able to produce more puppies. The puppies he fathered were clean and brushed - and fetched a high price! But look at the condition poor Bailey was left in. This is the cruelty and neglect that one supports when purchasing "pure-bred" puppies from pet stores.

This holiday season, please choose to adopt a dog or puppy from a rescue, or shelter. What a wonderful lesson your children will learn too - about helping ones in need and about how beautiful a shelter dog can be after they are clean and loved!

Bailey was fortunate enough to have caught the eye of a wonderful foster family and was rescued from MAS just in the nick of time. He has since been groomed and looks so handsome! He is getting loads of attention and love in his foster home, as he patiently waits for his forever family.

Please share Bailey's story & photos. Encourage friends & family to "ADOPT - DON'T SHOP" this holiday season.

#AdoptDontShop #PMARBailey

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