Introducing "Trooper"

Amazing, isn't it, what love can do? We received a call this week to help a pup that had been abandoned at a local animal hospital after being attacked by another dog. He had multiple head lacerations, eyes and mouth swollen closed and in a lot of pain. When Kim said she would foster, of course we said a big, resounding "YES". She and her family are syringe feeding this adorable boy that we have named Trooper. They are rinsing his eyes, tending his wounds, administering his medication and just as importantly, giving him LOTS and LOTS of LOVE. You see, he was very scared, understandably so. Yet, just 24 hours later he had learned to trust again. That's the thing about dogs, isn't it? So resilient, loving and faithful. We will make sure you get only the very BEST home, Trooper. He has a ways to go but he hit the jackpot already when he went home to foster with Kim and her crew!

#PMARPuppies #PMARTrooper

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