German Shepherd Seeks Active, Experienced Family

This stunning German Shepherd beauty, Nalla, is still in search of her forever family. Nalla is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. You can apply to adopt her by clicking on the Adoption link on this website.

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD's) bond very closely with their humans and need to live indoors, as part of the family. GSD's are extremely popular due to their intelligence, strength and obedience. Please remember that with these qualities also comes a need for daily exercise and a commitment to training. GSD's are cautious by nature, and often aloof with strangers. If you are looking for a dog to instantly befriend all strangers and enjoy crowded unfamiliar situations, a German Shepherd may not be the right breed for you. With proper training, socialization and trust-building, most GSD's can adapt quite well to many environments; however, please be aware that this does not happen overnight.

Our beautiful Nalla is true to her breed - She is active, alert, smart, trainable and obedient. Preference will be given to applicants familiar with German Shepherds or similar working breeds. A commitment to regular physical and mental exercise and continued training is required. In return for your dedication, Nalla will repay you with love, affection, security, and a million laughs! She truly is a gem, and deserves the very best in her Forever Home.

Nalla LOVES playing with toys and going for long walks and runs in the local farm and park areas. She has a medium-high energy level and will do best with an active individual. She would make an ideal running companion! Nalla is a gorgeous dog and just needs to find that perfect match!

Rewinding several months, Nalla was rescued from Memphis Animal Services. At the time, she was heartworm positive. Of course, we couldn't resist that face and brought her into our program. She has since received heartworm treatment and is ready to move forward with the rest of her life! She is currently in a foster home with a male dog and a puppy, and does well with both. We would love to speak with you, tell you all about her and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us today!

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