Welcome, Little Oscar

Welcome to the PMAR family, little Oscar! This little guy is a 5 month old lab / pit bull mix who was found on the side of the road in really cold weather. He was brought into a local clinic in a box and literally almost frozen. Oscar was also starved and could not even lift his head. After a few days with lots of warming, TLC, slowly reintroducing food, Oscar came home with one of the vet techs to foster.

Helen says "He is a real lover boy and has a very sweet heart. His disposition is pretty laid back for a puppy. He wants to be with you as much as he can. He loves cuddling, is beyond appreciative of breakfast and dinner time, loves to talk to you by making funny noises, and he adores his toys! He's a bit of a shoes thief but never chews them. Rather, he takes shoes to his bed to cuddle with. He's great with other dogs, and he's good with cats at the clinic when I bring him to work. He is very good with children as well. He just wants to play and be babied. He likes walks, he pretty good on a leash, he snores, and he is doing well with house training. He stays in his kennel when I'm away from the house. He whines when you leave but settles down. He has a little fear of bad weather outside but it's something we have been working on. I think it's due to his hard start in life and having no shelter. Oscar had a rough start and deserves a great forever home with lots of love that he will give back fully".

We fully intend to make sure that Oscar gets only the very best! He will be neutered soon and ready for adoption within the next couple of weeks.


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