Good-Hearted Woman Saves Puppies

It has been a busy day on the intake front. We have received so many pleas for help in the last 24 hours with terribly sad situations and we wish we could help with them all. This situation is no different. However, the wonderful lady who rescued this litter of all female pups is willing to foster them so of course, we were able to say yes! These poor babies were found in and around a silage pit in North MS. Tragically, the reason that Ms. Ann found them, is because she saw two of the puppies on the side of the road trying to eat a deceased sibling. They were absolutely starved. These pups basically led her to the others. There were 7 in total and, unfortunately, Ann couldn’t get to 2 of them. She has tried numerous times since, but they are no longer there. We can only hope and pray that someone else was successful. It also appears that someone (I will reserve saying what I really feel about such a despicable “human”) put the puppies in a box with a hole cut into it and dumped them at the pit, with little to zero chance of survival. Fast forward a short time, they have already visited Oak Tree and are doing really well. Dr. Christine thinks they are about 3 months old already, so they should be available for adoption in 3-4 weeks once they have received two sets of shots and are spayed/neutered. The initial guess to breed mix is Jack Russell / Beagle mix – they are going to be small dogs, we do know that and they are ALL girls! Ms. Ann has had them for 3 weeks now and they are chubby and very friendly! More to come soon once we get current pictures and we will get their profiles uploaded to Petfinder.


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