PUpdate from Stella

We received a great update on one of our long time fosters, Stella this weekend! How sweet is this! "Stella has settled in here very nicely, almost seems like she has always been here. She had her first vet visit last week & was reported to be in perfect health. We are early to rise, so, she has breakfast @ 6am & dinner @ 5pm. We normally go to bed 8-9 pm, she goes right to her bed & stays all night, she’s such an angel. She loves being outside & almost climbs trees in pursuit of the local squirrel population, she also must be part mountain goat, as she loves climbing all over the wood pile (she’s very sure footed). Anyway, just wanted you to know she’s very happy & in the best of hands. If you ever travel East, please come & visit, I’m sure Stella will not forget you".

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