One of the happiest updates we've ever received! Minnie has found her place in the world after being a wonderful mommy to her adorable pups! Read on....

"Minnie is finally home! The first meeting with sweet Minnie went way better than we expected. She is so wonderful with the kids and seemed comfortable in our home right away. She is gentle and yet playful. Even when she is playing, she's very careful around the children. She is smart and learns quickly. We are planning to do a basic obedience class with her very soon, but I can tell she already has a great head start. After meeting Minnie, we knew without hesitation that we wanted to adopt her. We feel like we won the rescue dog lottery with Minnie!

We wanted to thank all of you for volunteering your time and energy to save these deserving dogs. We've been so impressed with how well everyone works and communicates together and how smoothly the process went to adopt Minnie. We can tell Minnie has been well loved in her foster homes and it makes all the difference. I've attached a couple of pictures and will send another update soon!"

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