Nalla Finds Forever

Nalla’s journey with PMAR began in April 2015. As is fairly typical, we received an email saying that she had to leave the shelter (MAS) by a certain date. This meant that she would be euthanized if not rescued or adopted. A young, beautiful German Shephard mix who should be in the prime of her life. Just like with so many other wonderful shelter dogs – she just needed somebody to give her a chance. That’s where Nichole comes in. New to fostering, this would be her first experience. Usually, we try to make those first experiences as easy as possible. Well, things don’t always go to plan, do they Nichole? I know she’s smiling or laughing reading this ….. :-) Nalla was heartworm positive and had a few other minor health items that needed to be taken care of. We imagined 3, maybe 4 months tops. Well, here we are in June 2016. A year and 3 months later. Great health, heartworm negative, friendly, gorgeous – that’s Nalla. During the last year we have received applications and even tried out a couple of applicants… they were just not the right match for Nalla. True to her breed, she needs lots of exercise, stimulation and structure. She’s protective of her “people” and has been picky here and there about which doggies she likes to hang out with. As time has gone by, she has mellowed some and we just continued to hope that the right match would come along for her. In May of this year, we received a message from a young lady in New Hampshire. She had seen a picture of Nalla, read her story, and basically fallen in love with her. The best part was, she and her husband have GSD experience! Lots of dialogue ensued between us, the foster family and potential adoptive family. We tentatively held our breaths because we knew that this really seemed to finally be that perfect match! Nalla needed an experienced family. Straight talkers, active, loving, and did we mention experienced?! They loved the idea of adopting her as much as we loved the idea of them welcoming her into their family and finally Nalla’s day is about to become a reality! There really are not words to thank Nichole and James for the last 14 months of fostering and taking care of Nalla. Much as they love her, they are ready to let her go to this family that we all believe will give her what she needs, confident in the knowledge that they are ready and willing to work with her as she adjusts and this in turn, will allow Nichole to have a well deserved break before potentially saving another life and continuing the cycle of fostering… Loving, caring, letting go… to save another. Thank you Nichole, and Brooke, for giving this beautiful dog a chance.

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