Maisy & Daisy in Maine

A few months ago, Teresa (who usually fosters our puppies) found these abandoned kittens in Bartlett. Tiny, wet, skinny and not doing well - she wasn’t sure if they would make it. Naming them Maisy and Daisy, she bottle fed them and as time went on they grew stronger and healthier. They shared their foster home with Holly and (now adopted) pups, with everyone thriving under Teresa’s care as usual. Now, we just had to find them a new home which can be challenging for kitties in the Memphis area! In May, we were given an opportunity by a rescue group in Maine who wanted to help place them. They often rescue from the southern states and can’t keep up with the demand in their own area for pets, so we were thrilled for Maisy and Daisy to have this chance! Now, just a few weeks later they are happy, settled and doing great in their new home! As you can see – they have lots of fun there too!

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