PUPdate from Callie

Callie was adopted a little over a week ago and we received one of the best ever updates this week!

We’ve had a great week with Callie. She is settling in and learning our routine and we are learning hers. She is eating and sleeping very well. Getting lots of walks and attention.

This morning I walked her in the woods first thing. She knows where the squirrel holes are and she sticks her nose in them. There’s a lot to smell out there. Today was a big day. After the woods, I brushed her and she looked beautiful. Lots of shedding and we decided she needs brushing more often. It’s not a big job on her and she stood still the whole time and let me brush her—even her belly. So nice!

Then my husband helped her into the back of the GMC and we were off to the pet store. Callie rode beautifully in the car, either laying down or sitting and looking out the window. She did fantastic at the store. Walked right in. Greeted everyone and sniffed everything. We took our time so she could soak it all in. We got some more Natural Balance, some tear-free Coconut and Oatmeal shampoo and some Ultra-Oil skin and coat supplement. It’s human grade and contains, sardine, anchovy and hempseed oil for Omega 3,6,9. We’ve used this before so I went with it again. They also carry the Salmon Oil, so we’ll see which one she prefers. We checked out and she was petted by more people. Then she jumped on her own into the back of the car with very little effort. She saw a few dogs being trained next to the store. She just watched them and stayed calm.

Then, we went to a local recreational field to see if we could walk Callie on a long lead and get her used to the place. It’s a huge field and almost completely fenced in. We were the only ones there so we started walking around the field. She was doing very well, sniffing everything and looking around. I had a Frisbee and I threw it a short distance and she went right after it, picked it up and brought it back to us. We were amazed. After doing that a few times, we decided to let her go off leash and threw the Frisbee over and over and she absolutely loved it. So did we! She runs very fast. We had so much fun. She was so happy and she came when we called her.

We went back to the car, gave her a drink and she jumped again on her own into the car. Once we got home, she laid down by the door, still panting a little. She looked so happy with that spotted tongue! She is an incredible dog. We are starting to think she is a Belgian Shepherd mix. She is the smartest dog we have owned and we are all enjoying her so much.

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