Wish List: Momma Willow

Early last week we received a plea to rescue this beautiful, sweet soul that her foster mom has named, Willow. Willow is just 2 years old and about to have her 3rd litter of puppies (being around 5 weeks pregnant). Thankfully, this will be the LAST litter of puppies she ever has. Saldy, her medical needs have gone untreated for some time and she has chronic, severe ear infections and was extremely matted. We took her to Oak Tree and she received medication for that, and thankfully, tested heartworm negative. Subsequently, she went to Germantown Animal Hospital for an ultrasound and to be shaved and we know there are a LOT of puppies in there! At least 8.. possibly more. For now, she is being spoiled and treated like a princess in her foster home where she is thriving on all the attention and being an excellent companion to their sweet 4 year old daughter. She will transfer to our foster mom who specializes in puppy / birthing about a week before her babies are going to come. Also, Willow’s foster grandparents have decided they would like to adopt her once her puppies are weaned and we couldn’t be more thrilled that they will be her FOREVER family! You know how it goes sometimes… puppies get adopted in a heartbeat and sometimes it takes quite a while for mom to find her forever home. In this case mom has a home waiting for her and she certainly deserves it! We are sharing our Amazon wish list for Willow and her babies, and would appreciate any contribution, or just a share! Thank you so very much.. we will of course keep you updated on her progress!


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