It's Been A While!

We've been pretty busy here at PMAR, now that things have calmed down a little I wanted to update everyone on what we've been doing! As always, rescuing dogs and cats of course! But, a little bit more too... As we always say, rescue is somewhat of a band aid so we want to balance rescuing with a lasting impact on the community to. So, we've been helping families here in the Midsouth who have reached out to us, keep their pets home, and providing the help and resources they need to do exactly that. We have spayed several dogs, and provided treatment for dogs who have had simple and not so simple medical conditions. Sometimes, people need nothing more than a little education and a head start to get going down the right road and we are delighted that we have been able to help on a few occasions in this area. We continue to focus on helping stray and abandoned dogs in rural areas, and members of the community who have found dogs and reach out to rescues for support. We want to encourage and applaud those that take the time to stop and help pets in distress, and not turn our backs on them (which may in turn, force them to turn their backs on a pet in need in the future). We are still helping when we can at Memphis Animal Services, have pulled some dogs from Bartlett and a few other area shelters too! As always we thank our AMAZING foster families who persevere through the easy and not so easy fosters that they welcome into their homes. Check out our available dogs and cats at our Petfinder link and in the meantime, here's your daily dose of cuteness - this is Jack - currently available for adoption (and transport to northern states). Have a great week, everyone!

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